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Meet Larry founder of Larry King salon in South Kensington.

Meet Larry founder of Larry King salon in South Kensington.
1 years ago

Meet Larry King founder of Larry King salon in South Kensington and find out how he has doubled his men's colour business with Redken Brews Color Camo.

The salon can be a female space so what can you do to make it more man friendly?

I think keeping the interiors appealing to everyone is a huge start, we worked really hard on the interiors of the salon ensuring there is both an industrial and luxury finish that appeals to all genders. I also think it’s really important to give out a friendly chilled vibe to clients whoever they are, nobody likes walking into an intimidating environment. I also try to really get the messages across on social media that I'm very much an advocate of both.

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How do you introduce men’s colour into the conversation with your clients?

Men are definitely feeling more comfortable trying out new things when it comes to hair and beauty nowadays. We've just done a story called Rogue Blonde, which is just a case of adding a few strands of blonde to frame the face, this can give the face a warm glow after such a harsh winter. We're also seeing lots of guys trying a full bleach which looks mega and even trying pinks and blues. If you're looking for something more subtle the New Redken Brews Colour Camo's are great for disguising a bit of grey without it looking too obvious you've had anything done. I'd absolutely recommend coming in for a consultation and getting colour done professionally, our team are experts and will ensure it's the right colour treatment for you.

What are the opportunities for men’s colour for a salon owner?

There are actually loads of great options and men’s colour is a growing trend, the new flash lift by Redken is also great as can be done so quickly, you're not sat in the chair with foils in for ages, you can be in and out in no time and it's subtle enough that your hair will just look sun kissed.

How do you retail to men? Do they shop in the same way as women in your salon?

I think a lot of men rely on the recommendations of their stylist, so chat to them about the best products for you and it’s an easy sale. Redken Brews is the refreshed range of Redken for Men, it’s the same great product in new and modern packaging, it looks great on our shelves and men are attracted to its brew bottle style packaging.

What can I do to upskill my team’s men’s grooming and men’s colour skills?

Redken offer men’s hair and men’s colour focus courses at their academies, as well as this they have a wide selection of online training on all aspects of men’s hair. If you’re a L’Oréal salon your full team can access these online training courses as well as book onto courses on L’Oréal Access

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How do you know what style suits your client and how do you guide them to pick the best men’s hair and beard styles that suit their face shape and style?

I recommend every guy uses a hair dryer, I love the Dyson Supersonic it's a great piece of kit and makes a huge difference. I'm a big fan of Redken's Full Effect Mousse add a small amount to wet hair and blow dry hair in all directions using the nozzle to push the hair in all directions. Getting to know the different finishes of the Redken Brews Pomadesand how they work with different hair textures is key.

In terms of beards and stubble, the most important thing is to never use the trimmer to shave in a neat line under your chin, instead use the attachments to blend to nothing on the neck instead. This gives a much more sophisticated and stylish finish. Make sure you use Redken Brews Skin and Beard Oil.

We came up with The Hair Remedies at Larry King for exactly this reason. It's super important to listen to your stylist about what suits your hair texture or face shape. We have a face shape remedy, a curly hair remedy and a thick hair remedy at the salon. Different textures require different things and this is key. For example, if someone is conscious about their ears, I'll leave it soft around that area, going too tight and clean will just accentuate the area. Similarly if you've got a round face, I'll leave the back longer so their hair is visible around the nape of the neck and behind the ears and I'll leave squarer corners. They are just tiny tricks that make a huge difference and can give a guy stacks more confidence.

What is the key men’s hair trend that is here to stay?

My key trend is my signature look which is what I do with Oliver Cheshire's hair. I keep it longer on top, soft on the sides and movable. It doesn't have a particular parting or finish, it moves, so can be ruffled and shifted all day long and worn in loads of different ways.

What product in the new Redken Brews range could you not live without?

The key product for me in the new Redken Brews range is Outplay Texture Pomade.

Where do you get your men’s hair style inspiration from?

I take inspiration from everywhere, the catwalk to the man on the street, I love different music genres and old movies. I never stop absorbing new ideas and inspiration.

You can book in for men’s hair and men’s colour at Larry Kings here

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