The Redken Color Mantra


"The Redken Color Mantra is a targeted three-Zone approach to haircolor application designed to help you maximize color results and minimize stress on your client's hair. 

What are Zones? Redken uses the term ""Zones"" to refer to different areas of the hair strand. Understanding Zones will help you achieve phenomenal, even color results every time! 

ZONE 1: Regrowth or root area, approximately the first 1/2 inch of hair
ZONE 2: Mid-shaft area, begins where Zone 1 ends
ZONE 3: Overly porous hair that extends past the shoulders (not all hair has a Zone 3)

We apply color in Zones based on pH science because:
Each Zone accepts color differently based on the condition of the hair
We care for the integrity of even the most sensitized parts of the hair
The combination of alkaline and acidic color maximizes color results and minimizes stress on hair

Note: Alkaline color should only touch Zone 1. Use any alkaline color formula on Zone 1 and refresh with acidic color (Shades EQ) on Zones 2-3. 


*HDResolution Alkaline Color Coming Soon!