Blow Dry Principles


Stay on the Move

Keep your blow dryer in constant motion to avoid overheating the hair and scalp 

To Make Waves

Don’t pull your brush too tightly—gently lift and wrap hair around a medium-sized round brush
Point the nozzle down and away from the roots as you dry

For a Volume Boost

Focusing on the roots, apply a volumizing product like guts 10 throughout damp hair
Lift hair away from scalp and direct heat at roots until 50% dry
Place rollers at the top of head and allow sections to cool 

For a Sleek Look

Use the nozzle to control and direct airflow downward from roots to ends
Use smaller sections, working around head
Use anti-humidity products to control frizz, such as align 12  For Braids and Updos
Make sure curly or straight hair is detangled and brushed out before startingUse texturizing products like powder grip 03 or braid aid 03 to help hold strands in place and create varying textures and finishes


Blot Before Blow Drying

After shampooing, blot wet hair gently with a towel. Don’t rub back and forth—this causes friction and leads to frizz.  

Comb it Out

Mist One United All-in-One Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray through lengths of hair before combing. Zap tangles by running a wide-tooth comb through hair before blow drying with a brush—otherwise, you could risk breakage. 

Choose the Right Brush

A round brush will create smoothness with movement. A paddle brush will create a sleek look. Advise your client about which brush will give her the finish she wants.

Take Time to Prime

Remind your client to apply a primer like Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer or to protect hair from heat and speed up blow dry time.

Work in Small Sections

Dividing hair into small sections allows you and your clients to achieve the best results. Advise clients to use clips to divide hair so they can focus on one section at a time.

Don’t Forget Your Fringe

If your client has bangs, teach her to blow dry them first while they’re still damp with a flat bristle brush. A round brush will create too much bend. 

Length Matters

For shorter lengths, choose a pomade or wax such as mess around 10 to finish.

Finish Up

After you’re done blow drying, allow hair to cool and mist on a Redken hairspray to keep hair in place. Let your client know which hairspray is best for her.
For medium lengths, boost volume and movement with thickening lotion 06
For longer lengths, add healthy shine and manageability with Glow Dry

Extend Your Blow Dry

Recommend Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two-Day Extender to absorb oil and keep your client’s style going strong.