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Keep your summer hair first class this summer

Keep your summer hair first class this summer
1 years ago

How to keep your hair first class from take-off to touch down with Redken’s NEW travel size summer hair kits.

It’s that time of the year when clients are coming into salon with freshly manicured nails, glowing spray tans and excitement on their faces as they countdown the days until their holiday. Your clients are ready to pay whatever is needed to get their summer hair to look and feel utterly fabulous! Holidays can be active and the sun and the sea can ruin hair causing colour to fade, ends to split and strands to feel as dry as bones. Your clients need a solution to extend their ‘out of the salon’ hair to last all holiday and that’s where Redken can help. Our NEW summer travel size kits are perfectly compact to give your clients their dream summer hair. No matter where they go or the type of their hair, Redken has the solution.

Excitement to get dream summer hair is just around the corner until you remember packing…

Holidays are great they are the times when clients are the most excited until they remember packing. As we all know no matter how many times you write a list, you will always forget something or bring the wrong thing. A lot of the time it is shampoo and conditioner because we know it can add a burden to your suitcase… We either arrive at the airport, run to the shop and are forced to spend extortionate costs on hair products which aren’t necessarily specific to our hair types. Or we bring travel sized hair products but usually end up disappointed because we cram all our beauty products in the airports tiny plastic bags which let’s be honest are prone to ripping. This usually leaves us with products all scattered in our hand luggage and it’s impossible to find anything. Worst of all it is always a sight for sore eyes especially for beauty lovers when because of the 100ml airline rule we see big bins at the airport full of full size shampoo and conditioners having to go to waste.

Say goodbye to the airport plastic bags and hello to Redken’s new travel size summer hair kit

However, we know good things come in small packages so to lighten your load and reduce your stress, we have done the hard work and provided a compact summer hair kit which can fit not just your client’s travel size products but ALL your clients’ beauty must haves. Let your clients say goodbye to the days of the airport plastic bags and say hello to Redken’s new travel sized summer kits which will leave your clients hair in first class condition from take-off to touch down. They are the perfect addition to any of your client’s suitcase which don’t just pass airline size requirements but will last for the whole holiday too. So forget having to think about decanting shampoo into plastic bottles from supermarkets and offer your clients solutions to amazing summer hair. On top of this the bags are compact so you can stash them into your bag without the fear of it bursting mid-flight.

Prevent summer hair going puffy with travel size All Soft Mega

If you client is going on a city break, hair will need defence against fumes, toxins and the sun. Cities are great but with high humidity, pollution and hot temperatures the sun can sap your locks of moisture leaving your client’s hair very puffy and dry like straw (aka not the summer hair we want). The NEW All Soft Mega Shampoo and Conditioner system is the answer to refreshed summer hair. This travel sized duo featuring the Superfood Nutri complex a blend of cactus extract, aloe vera and sacha inchi oil will deliver intense hydration, replenishment and control for hair that expands uncontrollably as a result of dryness. For the evening getting ready is always rushed. So in this kit we have included the award winning Pillow Proof travel sized Spray which reduces blow dry time, breakage and provides volume leaving them with the perfect blow dry for summer hair that will last all night.

Get the wavy summer hair style with travel size Beach Envy

To your clients who are going on a beach vacation, don’t make them take their bulky curlers and instead give them the option to get the wavy style with Beach Envy. Swimming in the pool and the sea and sunbathing in hot temperatures, can leave hair flat, bodiless and quite honestly boring. Redken’s travel sized Beach Envy shampoo and conditioner delivers a texture-boosting blend of filloxane, minerals and polymers to create the ultimate summer hair with amplified, loose, beachy waves with amazing body. To follow we offer a unique salt free, volumizing treatment styler spray with a mineral and latex blend to infuse summer hair with texture, waves and a big beachy style. It is unlikely the hotel will offer the finishing touch to take hair from day to night so the Beach Envy Wave Aid will give that effortless sexy tousled look for those summer nights.

Fuel your summer hairs strength with travel size Extreme

For the clients who have damaged and sensitized hair make sure they fuel their summer hair with strength from Extreme. The sun is very damaging to hair but the Extreme systems protein enriched formulas cleanse and restore weakened hair and reduce breakage by 75%. This can leave your clients summer hair feeling fortified, strong and repaired while protecting the hairs natural shine. On holiday we all look at the hotel hair dryer and think “I just can’t even?” so we have included travel sized No Blow Dry to be your client’s new hair hero- the perfect styler which requires no effort!

Heading on holiday is the best excuse for your clients to indulge in some luxury products. Holidays are for relaxing and for taking some time to treat yourself. The summer kits are the perfect gift to offer your clients so stock up now before they fly away!

Available now from a salon near you.