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How to thicken my thinning hair

How to thicken my thinning hair
11 months ago

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If your hair is thinning or showing signs of thinning, there are plenty of hairstyles and cuts you can consider that will trick the eye into thinking that you have a voluptuous head of hair. The right products for thinning hair will help too – sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners, thickening products like Redken Dense FX that are designed to swell the hair cuticle and leave it looking plumper as well as volumising styling products like Redken Guts 10 that will keep that extra body in place once you’ve got the oomph you’re after.

But that’s just half the story. How your hair is cut and styled will play a massive part in how thick and healthy it looks and feels too – get that right and your thinning hair will not only become easier to manage but look far more full-bodied and thicker in the process. Rob Scott from Larry king says “Long hair isn’t always best for people suffering from thinning hair, It can exaggerate the flatness and make the hair look a little lifeless. In my experience fringes and shorter layers around the front can often strengthen a shape where the hair is often thinnest or weakest. For men shorter hairstyles are generally better for thinning hair as long fine hair can sometimes look a bit transparent or whispy. Having said all the above there really isn’t one rule that fits all and each case needs to be looked at individually really, at Larry King we offer our clients a fine hair remedy in which our stylist will give you a personalised style and /or colour based on your own hair texture and recommend the perfect products to suit too”


If you have long but fine hair chances are the light will easily be able to shine through it, especially if it’s blonde or fair. This automatically makes hair appear thinner but by getting some of the length cut off and choosing blunt ends, the structured block shape will instantly add the appearance of extra weight. The same goes for a blunt bob or mid-length cut and if you do choose a bob, consider getting it cut shorter at the back and longer at the front as graduated styles force the hair forward so it looks thicker. Don’t forget to use a smoothing product like Redken Align 12 on the ends for a glossy, chic finish that won’t see the hair fray or frizz.


There’s no denying choppy layers give hair swagger and movement but they’re not ideal if your hair is thinning. Ask your hairdresser to keep layers to a minimum and stick to the mid-lengths and ends - you want the hair closest to the scalp to remain as dense as possible. When it comes to styling the hair at home Larry King Redken UK style ambassador says “choosing the best styling formulas is important, sometimes thinning hair can just be finer so you'd want to avoid heavy, greasy product, but thinning hair can also mean fluff and wireyness, this is better dealt with using a thickening lotion like Redken Thickening Lotion 06 or a little mousse like Redken Full Effect 04 and blow drying out.

Try blasting your hair with a volumising spray like Redken Rootful 06 when it’s wet and add a texturiser through the layers once hair is dry. Try Redken Wind Blown 05 it helps to give the hair guts and add a tousled, deconstructed shape that conceals sections of fine thinning hair.


Sounds simple and it is! Switching where your parting sits is a fast fix for thinning hair as it instantly adds lift from the root. Plus more volume means you give the appearance of extra hair – win win. Deep side parts are especially good for this as by bringing more hair across the top of your head you’re essentially creating extra ‘padding’ and pushing up what hair you do have. A volumising mousse like Redken Full Effect 04 is a must and if you notice your parting falling flat, reawaken it with a blast of dry shampoo like Redken Pillow Proof two day extender.


Side fringes are a great trick for disguising thinning hair or fine hair. For starters, they frame the face and draw attention to the eyes, distracting from any thin hair at the roots. Also, the chunk of hair needed to create a fringe gives the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. Rather than a block fringe, go for a soft, free-flowing sweep that falls into place naturally. Set with a natural hold hairspray like Redken Wind Blown 05.


Texture is a sure-fire way to thicken, give guts and body to hair, whatever style, length or colour so if you don’t want to hotfoot it to the salon, reach for some curling tongs instead. A soft wave hides any gaps in the hair and makes it look instantly thicker. Keep them loose and brush them through with your fingers for a beachy finish. Remember to apply a bodifying mousse before drying – this will help the waves keep their shape and stop them from dropping.


Why would you want to cut off all of your hair if it’s fine and thinning already? Good question. But in actual fact, keeping it short and close to the scalp can bulk up barely-there hair and make your style appear thicker. This is where sections in varying lengths do work. For best effect, style your hair in a haphazard manner - messy and parting-free if possible – that way there will hardly be any of your scalp on show. And add a volumising dust like Redken Texture Powder Grip 03 or wax like Redken Texture Wax Blast 10 to your style. They have a knack for making hair look far thicker than it really is – clever!


Happy with your cut but still concerned your hair looks a bit spindly? Consider a colour appointment instead. The colouring process naturally swells and thickens the hair’s cuticles which is why a freshly done colour can make a massive difference in how XXL your style looks. Extra shine and gloss will say ‘healthy hair’ and a radiant, reflective tint that bounces the light away really does conjure up that smoke and mirrors effect – deflecting attention away from thin hair. Ask your colourist to run a strand test before going for a colour just to check its strength. If that's OK colour can actually make your hair look thicker. It's a good idea to go one shade darker than your natural tone for the best thickening colour” says Larry King.

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