Flash Lift Bonder Inside By Redken

Flash Lift Bonder Inside

All-In-One Bonder in a Lightening Powder
Flash Lift Bonder Inside
All-in-one bonder in lightener powder. Up to 8 levels of lift and no additive needed.
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  • All-in-one bonder lightening powder
  • Up to 8 levels of lift
  • No additive needed
  • Formulated with Citric Acid/Glycine complex to shield disulphide bonds to reduce breakage
  • Improved elasticity, touchable smoothness, and visible shine
  • For use with plastic wrap, balayage film and/or meche
  • Suitable for fine, medium, or coarse hair
  • No added fragrance 
  • Use only with Pro-oxide Cream Developer 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume.
  • Mixes in a variable ratio of 1:1 to 1:20 for optimal consistency for variety of applications.


Wear suitable disposable gloves. Mix product in well-ventilated area. Put the recommend amount of Flash Life Bonder Inside and Redken Pro-oxide Cream Developer in a non-metallic bowl. Blend until smooth consistency is achieved. 


  • Use 10-40 volume (maximum)
  • Ratio from 1:1 to 1:2 depending on desired consistency.
  • 1:1 30g of powder + 30ml (1oz) developer
  • 1:1.5 30g of powder + 45ml (1.5oz) developer
  • 1:2 30g of powder + 60ml (2oz) developer

(When using 1:2 for off-scalp application, use only up to 30 volume maximum)

  • On Scalp 1:2 30g of powder + 60ml (2oz) developer



  • 10-30 Volume (maximum)
  • Recommended mixing ratio: 1:2 30 g. of powder* + 60 ml (2 oz.) developer



  • Up to 50 minutes determined according to the desired results or until the hair reaches pale yellow
  • Do not use heat



  • Wear suitable disposable gloves
  • Do not use metallic tools (clips, combs, etc.)
  • Rinse and shampoo the hair well after development time
  • Do not let the product run onto the scalp for off scalp applications



When performing highlights with foil application exclusively use foils ref Soft Alloy 8079, 20um, or Soft Alloy 1200, 18um (Norms EN 573-3).

** Please note the measuring cap is the measuring device for the lightener powder

  • To measure 15g you need to fill the cap to 15g measure line inside cap
  • TO measure 30g fill the cap to top measure line inside the cap