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How to hide postpartum hair loss

How to hide postpartum hair loss
11 months ago

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How to hide postpartum hair loss

10 things to do if you have postpartum hair thinning?

1. Don’t Panic about hair thinning

Hair thinning after having a baby can be normal. As hormone levels settle down, the hair you should have shed as part of the natural hair cycle stays put when you’re pregnant, can fall out. It may feel as though you’re losing a lot of hair, but you are in fact shedding the hair you should have lost over the last nine months plus the hair you naturally lose.

Larry King Redken UK style ambassador “I have lots of clients in the salon who have had a baby and are worried about hair loss. So it's super important to do three things: 1) Don’t panic! Talk to your hairdresser openly. 2) Get a good cut and color, your hairdresser can advise you on what’s best for you. 3) Use at home products like Cerafill to promote hair regrowth.”

2. Carry On with your hair routine, but calm down on combing

There’s no need to avoid washing your hair or stop brushing it, as this won’t cause any damage. However, it’s important to avoid things that could cause further breakage and hair thinning. Steer clear of backcombing if you can as this puts a lot of stress on the hair and try to cut back on the frequency you use heated styling tools as the heat may cause hair to weaken.

3. Instant Fix

Postpartum, waiting for your hair to get back to where it was can feel like it’s taking ages, but there is something you can do for an instant visible difference. Redken Dense FX is a thickening treatment spray that contains Filloxane. This clever ingredient deposits along the hair shaft making thinning hair look thicker after just one use. Finally, some people find that colouring their hair can give it the appearance of looking fuller and thicker. “Ask your colourist to run a strand test before going for color just to check its strength. If that's OK have colour can actual make your hair look thicker. It's a good idea to go one shade darker than your natural tone for the best thickening colour” says Larry King Redken UK Style Ambassador

4.Get a Good Cut

A lot of women postpartum, especially because their hair is shedding and feeling and perhaps looking thinner than before, decide to chop it off, “It’s definitely something to chat to your stylist about. Going in for a good consultation is a great idea at this stage and your stylist can advise you on the best style for you at that time. One thing I will say though is make sure you stay true to yourself! There are enough changes to contend with when you have a baby so still feeling like you is key. Hair is a major part of our identity” says Larry King Redken UK Style Ambassador

5. Switch Up Your Styling

To encourage as much volume in your hair it’s worth rethinking the type of styling products you’re using. Mousse is a great way to lift thinning hair without weighing it down and putting any added pressure on. Try Redken Full Effect 04. Discover it here

6. ‘Netflix and Mask’

Postpartum, chances are, now that your little bundle has arrived you’re hitting the sofa on a Friday night rather than the town. Make this chill out time work hard for your hair by indulging in a treatment - such as the Redken Extreme Megamask while you scroll through your TV listings. By boosting the strength and integrity of thinning hair it will prevent further damage.

7. Signature Style

When it comes to styling, the must-haves for a woman going through postpartum hair thinning are Redken thickening lotion 06 says Larry King. “This really adds depth. If you're really thinning, powders are a great idea too - these add fibres to the hair that can make it look thicker and disguise signs of the scalp showing through. Try Redken Texture Powder Grip 03

8. Avoid The Pony/ Top Knot
Lots of mums rely on the trusty top knot as it's baby-proof but it's in fact probably the style that shows off hair thinning the most, Larry King Redken UK style ambassador “It all really depends where the thinning is worse. I tend to find that women lose it around the hairline the most, which often leaves you with a crown of baby hair. In that instance, a topknot might not be the best option so wearing it down around the face will disguise it more if it's something that you’re conscious of.”

9. You Time

Try to take some time out for yourself and book in for some pampering at your nearest Redken salon. Even if it’s a quick blow-dry so you don’t have to wash your hair for once, it will boost your confidence and get you and your hair looking and feeling like your old self. If you can’t get a babysitter, don’t worry about taking the baby with you; salons are a great place for little ones. On tap white noise from hairdryers and lots of willing arms for cuddles means baby will be kept occupied while mummy gets her glam on.

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